World Transformation

World Wide Communal Democracy

Here are spiritual truths that can establish a perfectly free society on one high standard of living for all people — without money used as capital wealth — when put into actual practice.

All food, clothing, shelter, public utilities, education, health care, transportation, recreational facilities including travel and lodging, and communications of any nature, should be FREE to all people.

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This can be accomplished by setting up the ways and means for the total sharing of all things on the planet, according to natural self-government directed by our own conscience-in-God. The New Covenant/World Bill of Rights gives us the Vision of how to create and live in this New World.

The New Covenant/World Bill of Rights

Let each of us share all the world, the Kingdom of God, and call one place of our choosing our own, and be free to come and go in the world and stay at any dwelling place accommodating travelers.

Let each of us give of ourselves to the extent of our ability to the One World Company, and in return all things shall be added unto us.

Let each of us be judged only by our conscience in God, and let no people judge their fellow beings, but rather take judgement of their own thought and action.

Let no person or group hold any authority over another, except that people be willingly led by wisdom and true personality.

Let the government be of the people, where the people are self-governed; by the people, where the people enjoy perfect freedom; for the people, where the people give themselves abundant living.

Let the government seat be only the storehouse and inventory of the people’s products.
Let all things be done unto edification, for God is not the author of confusion.

Channeled by Allen Michael in 1947

To establish this structure requires ALL people to unite and create a bridge to cross over from the old world order of buying and selling commercialism and usury, into a New World social and economic order of absolute freedom, security, abundance and equality for all people, no one left out.

This begins with a great nonviolent World Wide Passive Resistance Movement involving a Great World Celebration that unites the people to peacefully “Stop The World,” and start over again on a clean slate. We keep all necessary goods and services going while letting all that is of no real value or destructive to life fall out of the picture.

We make the key transition economically by agreeing to forgive all debt and establish money as Free Cash Flow, available to everyone as grants thru the World People’s GROM Bank — GROM means Get Rid Of Money. This bank is owned and operated by the people themselves. No usury, no taxation.

We use this free money as the needed grease to turn on all the wheels of industry, commerce and society to their maximum potential, while directing the force of this energy towards supplying all basic needs of our Global Civilization. Thus, we quickly establish a new world society that operates beyond money entirely.

Further, we declare the whole planet and all of its resources to be held in common by all people, for all people, going beyond private wealth into shared abundance. The world is healed and cared for by us thru Love Services done for all humanity, without giving forethought to the reward. All reward is in the doing itself. The resulting omnipresence of Spirit God’s Love in our lives transforms everything on this planet into a state of radiant perfection.

We dissolve the superfluous structure of separate nation-states by merging into a unified World Wide Communal Democracy of, by and for the people. Therefore, we no longer need a military, for there is no enemy, only us. The judiciary-penal system becomes obsolete, for there is no one to judge, only conditions of life to improve.

The world of medicine that only treats effects blossoms into the Science of Life to provide real care that enables all of us to attain a state of vibrant spiritual, mental and physical health.

Our planetary industry is transformed into a great One World Company, where all people are equal common shareholders, to create an abundance of all things. The people themselves in their places of creative service, homes and social centers become a real self-governing body that naturally organizes itself to do what is exactly necessary to supply the real services of responsible government. All vital industry will function in ecological balance with the planetary biosphere to benefit and sustain Life.

New World Government includes everyone. Its function is to simply facilitate the life of the people to be as beautiful, perfect and joyous as possible. This requires simple organization and common sense, and no red tape or bureaucracy. Sharing requires only that people give and receive freely: “One for all, all for one.”

A free Internet is our global communication system to provide real time access to all information in its many forms, by all people and all elements of industry and government. All people will have unlimited opportunity to develop and express their creative abilities. No one will be held back in any way from expanding their consciousness and intelligence thru their chosen fields of service. These fields are: Food, Clothing, Shelter, Care, Recreation, Transportation, Communications and Utilities; along with the complementary services of Science, the Arts, Education, and Engineering/Technology.

The graphic blueprint of our World Wide Communal Democracy is a model of the vital elements of a new world society. It represents a free social-economic structure for the existence of life in a natural, sharing manner; the elements that make up the major aspects of our life — home and family, community, industry, government — all synthesized together in a harmonious whole. From the greatest scope of organization to the least, life can function smoothly to build a beautiful new world on one growing high standard for everyone.

The New Covenant/World Bill of Rights spells out the basic precepts for our New World that grant each of us unlimited potential in our lives in all ways. All of us free, autonomous World Citizens, responsible to each other according to our own conscience in God. No person or group will have authority over another.

The World People’s Council’s only purpose is serving the people. It replaces the antiquated Nation States. The goverrnment seat shall simply be the storehouse, distributor and inventory of the people’s products. Coordination of administrative functions within our New World Government will insure the flow of resources, goods, people, information, ideas and money to all facets of the One World Company industries, as well as all cultural centers, and the people themselves.

We turn all public facilities and seats of current government administration into World Service Centers, to house the necessary governing elements for People’s Councils, Administration/Logistics, GROM Bank, and the New World Planning Commission — at all levels of coordination: Community, City and/or County, Regional, Continental, and Planetary.

Unlimited educational opportunity will be available to learn new skills in any field of endeavor. All learning will be right in the doing of direct services under the guidance of masters in the subject at hand.

We automatically eliminate all superfluous and artificial elements of life as we apply our industry to real needs. This, along with unlimited free energy supplied thru technology such as the “Dynadran System,” which draws energy directly from the Electromagnetic Field, will streamline our industry and technology to the point where we can meet our needs thru a 30/30 Plan – 30 days on and 30 days off rotational shift schedule. A daily shift will average about 5 hours per day per person, with half the people producing our needs and serving the other half, and switching roles every 30 days. Free access to all the planet’s recreational, travel and resort facilities will be available to all those who are on a holiday period.

We will restore the biosphere to its natural pristine state, and regenerate the planet’s gene pool accordingly. This means eliminating all that is destructive to a healthy and vital world.

Thru a Global Common Market, all goods and services will be freely available at the fingertips of the people, whether they be home, serving in industry or traveling about the planet.

You can envision this great plan coming to life, by seeing the whole structure as one living organism inclusive of all people, moving naturally around the planet according to a Free System that simply facilitates all that we do. In truth we are one atomic body of living consciousness, flowing together thru ever more perfect experiences of Universal God-Consciousness. No more wars, crime, disease or poverty, because the social-economic system has been established that serves the people thru perfect ways and means that come from inspired, unlimited imagination, which flows thru us directly from the God Force, Life Itself.