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Usury Money

It is interesting to note that, in government meetings and in the news media, the subject of usury money and profits has not, as yet, been addressed. This is because newscasters and politicians don’t want to face the very embarrassing issue of how they get their money. Is it usury money, or United States free-cash-flow money?

• The End of the Money System

According to the Constitution of the United States, Article I, Section 8, paragraph 5, “Congress shall coin [and print] the money, and regulate the value thereof.” But Congress doesn’t do this. They have given over control of the Nation’s money to private interests. The privately-controlled Federal Reserve System creates usury money (money lent by private banks at interest) by signing papers which are indebted with “promise to pay,” and it’s not the bankers but the citizens paying it. So the big question is, why does a private banking monopoly control United States money, and make a profit from the people by forcing them to pay interest on their own money?

The Federal Reserve System is really a privately owned corporation. With the New York branch of the FRS, the original private stock offering was as follows: 51% of the stock held by the Rothschild Banks of London and Europe, and the other 49% held by Lazares Brother Banks of Paris, Israel Moses Seif Bank of Italy, Warburg Bank of Hamburg & Amsterdam, Lehman Brothers Bank of New York, Chase Manhattan Bank of New York, Kuhn, Loeb Bank of New York and Goldman, Sachs Bank of New York.

It is thought by many people that the Rothschild Bankers took over the United States money through a conspiracy. But the House of Rothschild came into being because Gentiles persecuted the Jews through the centuries, keeping them out of the market place, forcing them to live in ghettos, and some nations even expelling them.

The truth about this is that neither the Jews, the Gentiles, nor the Christians used God’s economic system of government. That is, printing money and financing all people’s projects with interest-free money. Instead they created private banks with interest on money. This was and is the old usury game.

The Unconstitutional US Government

When Spirit God at last led a group of people to North America, with the One Idea, which was to have a government of, by and for the people, that printed its own free cash flow money and used it freely to finance all people’s projects, the One Idea was overcome by people who thought that it meant they were free when they could earn their own private money, and could do with it as they pleased. This was the “usury” God forbids. People being forced to earn their own private money has evolved courts, police, prisons, the military, doctors, hospitals, and the corporate welfare state, and the effects of this wrong social-economic cause are war, crime, disease and poverty.

God’s inspired US Constitution came from Jesus and his Starship group, channeled telepathically through the Masonic Order of the Founding Fathers, so that the people would have free cash flow money, with which to start the new world. Had the people recognized and cherished the significance of Article I, Section 8, Paragraph 5, and retained their free cash flow money, they would have had no more wars, crime, disease or poverty, not only on the North American Continent, but it would have spread to the whole world.

In the period of July 4, 1776, the United States government took a loan from European banks so they could buy European goods, mostly arms. So, how were they going to pay back the loan? They had no usury money – only free money they printed themselves. With this act, they put themselves into the usury business, and our free cash flow money was usurped by usury.

So, in 1913, inasmuch as Jesus’ Saints did not deliver the Jews from their money karma by doing right themselves, Spirit God put the House of Rothschild over American usury money, with the stipulation that if the Zionists do right, they will not be cut off, but if they do wrong, they will be (Rom. 11:22). This question has not yet been answered.

In this case, it depends on both Jesus’ Saints and David’s Zionists bringing free cash flow money to all humanity, which will cancel the entire world debt, and the people can start over on a clean slate. They can start over by first making the environment beautiful again, getting all people in adequate housing and supplying everyone with natural food.

In 1913, over the Christmas holiday, the men who created the Federal Reserve System came into the American government and seated themselves as the supreme controllers of United States money. This was done by the Universal Mind (in all space as life mind energies), putting them over Abraham’s people of the United States (Gen. 12:1-3), because of the “stone the builders rejected” (St. Matt. 21:42,43), meaning the cornerstone of the New United States was to be money free of interest, but it never happened.

The United States Constitutional government is the first government in history that disappeared. It was not conquered by another nation, but it just up and disappeared, as in a shell game, where the masters of the game had three walnut shells and a pea on the table, and said to Congress, “Watch my hand. The hand is faster than the eye!” Congress was to guess which shell the pea was under. They guessed the wrong shell, and the United States was gone, not to return until the Comforter Spirit of Truth came to teach the truth of all things, as told in St. John 14:16,17 and 26.

It is true that the main plank in the Constitution was relative to the control of money. In any economic system, those who control the money determine the nature of the system. They either use the money as usury, which became the case with the American government, or as free cash flow, money without interest, in which case, the United States government would not have disappeared.

They Know Not What They Do

The Masonic-inspired Pyramid Seal on the one dollar bill is the true Great Seal, whereas the Spread Eagle Seal of the American Nationals is only temporary, and symbolizes the unconstitutional government that is run as a business, and is not of, by and for the people. This is obvious by the fact that there are millions of United States citizens on the streets with no home to live in or food to eat, food which Creation produces freely for all life, as well as many millions of children who live in slums caused by those seemingly greedy, egotistical people who control the money, and are the same entities who were the Babylon money changers, who had Jesus killed because he pushed over their tables.

But Jesus said, “Father (Creation Universe), forgive them for they know not what they do.” This is true! They don’t know what they’re doing! They run the American legal system which is a fascistic parasite that lives on blood money. To keep the business of police and judges, lawyers and bondsmen going, they have struck out in “drug wars” that have ruined life for people in Panama, Columbia, and in our big cities. They are unknowingly building a police state just as the Nazis in Germany did under Hitler, which got completely out of control, forming death squads and exterminating many millions of people before, at last, the evil satanic thought subsided for a spell at the close of World War II.

World War II was the first part of the Armageddon, and when the war closed down, the nations still didn’t see God’s Light, but went on arming and preparing for the next war. Well, that next big war is looming on the horizon right now.

The way to transmute the buildup of negative karma that’s set to play out is to eliminate the debt world wide by reinstituting free cash flow money! Then we can rapidly begin the process of total world transformation into a new world of absolute freedom, security and abundance for all people.