World Transformation

Spirit God’s Great Plan

The Time Is Now

We exist in an eternal and absolute Universe that has already established Its perfect procedure in all natural things. At this juncture in the history of the planet, something much greater than mortal governments, nation states and all their regalia is happening. All their wars are with themselves, and only bring death and destruction to the people. All this is a karmic cleansing brought on by rising consciousness, happening automatically from the building ETI Contact.

Money has taken Humanity as far as it can. It’s time now to put away the material tinkertoys and put all things to right-use-ness thru the ways and means of sharing that creates a free, communal society for all people on the planet. This is the essence of Spirit God’s great plan.

• Life Under The Status Quo

The Universe, Its Cosmic Civilization, nature and cosmic life force IS this already. We the people are the real government on this planet. So let us choose to nonviolently recreate this world as a Space Age Paradise by eliminating nation-states, the whole usury money system, the false judiciary penal system and useless military.

A great World Wide Work Stoppage, that keeps only the necessary services and supplies rolling, as we begin to set up the new world as an autonomously self-governing system, is the nonviolent way to end the old world, starting over on a clean slate.

The New Covenant/World Bill of Rights is the cornerstone of our new world, guaranteeing absolute freedom, security and abundance for all people.

A key step is to Get Rid Of Money, eliminating all debt, all usury and interest bearing notes, all taxes, all private ownership of property, industries and resources. In the new world, no one will lack anything. Life will be joyous, on a growing high standard.

We have nothing to lose and everything to gain as we replace ALL this with the superior system of free giving and receiving, based on the universal economic idea of holding all things common and making free distribution according to need.

This movement of righteousness is the key to bringing forth a true, autonomous, spiritual new world government that is absolutely of, by and for the people.

To bring all of this into manifestation, Spirit God, the Universal Mind of Cosmic Intelligence, has given us Its real World Master Plan thru the channeled communications in the Everlasting Gospel.