World Transformation

The New Covenant/World Bill of Rights

Spirit God has given humanity Its utopian vision for a sharing world in the New Covenant/World Bill of Rights, channeled by Allen Michael in 1947, fulfilling the prophecy of the ‘new covenant’ coming to humanity, which is given in Jeremiah 31:31-34.

This New Covenant is a God-given vision for living in a New World utopian paradise that is perfect in every way. All things change now. We no longer use any teachings that are of the past, which are not part of the mental causation of normal Universe.

The New Covenant/World Bill of Rights

Let each of us share all the world, the Kingdom of God, and call one place of our choosing our own, and be free to come and go in the world and stay at any dwelling place accommodating travelers.

Let each of us give of ourselves to the extent of our ability to the One World Company, and in return all things shall be added unto us.

Let each of us be judged only by our conscience in God, and let no people judge their fellow beings, but rather take judgement of their own thought and action.

Let no person or group hold any authority over another, except that people be willingly led by wisdom and true personality.

Let the government be of the people, where the people are self-governed; by the people, where the people enjoy perfect freedom; for the people, where the people give themselves abundant living.

Let the government seat be only the storehouse and inventory of the people’s products.

Let all things be done unto edification, for God is not the author of confusion.

View our animated, narrated version of the New Covenant here:

The time has come for the people to act according to the high imagining of having FREE use of the whole planet and all its facilities on a sharing basis, creating and experiencing life according to its highest potential – one for all and all for one.

We the people rise up to be the real government on this planet as we unite together through positive spiritual action. So let us join with the Galactic Elohim of the God Force, who come now to fulfill a magnificent mission of peace, arriving in great causation spaceships to unite with humanity. Together we nonviolently recreate this world as a space age paradise, the people and nations of the world united.