World Transformation

World Wide Work Stoppage

The Idea Whose Time Has Come

This, at last, is the one plan that the people of the world can unite behind — one that improves the life of everyone and brings the organization of our society into all of our hands!

This is not an angry general strike, but a totally new kind of scientific “World Wide Work Stoppage/Karma Yoga Exercise” — where the workers/producers stop working for wages and instead they occupy the industries and continue to produce and distribute all things freely to everyone.

All at once, we stop paying all bills, cancel all debts and declare everything free. We then begin our 30/30-day rotational plan where we serve according to the plan adopted by our own communal democratic organizations. Everyone freely participates in our communal government and no one draws wages.

In our new fun kind of World Wide Work Stoppage, we stop all those things we don’t need or desire that are polluting our bodies and our planet! Since we stop paying bills, no bill collectors are needed, no more banks, no stock markets, no insurance, no taxes, no bookkeeping, no dues. The people’s unions, city planning commissions, employment agencies, schools and churches are already set up to book the talent where it is needed.

The workers can do all this and not worry about wages and paying their bills for the first time in history as we unite to declare everything to be free and all bills paid. Then, we will live in a real “land of the free.” Freedom is really FREE – free from money control! And this doesn’t mean “free” to buy your way around if you’ve got the money.

Let’s face it: money is what has always been used to control labor, including those who labor as the military, police and government. It is money that has controlled the media and the people’s votes – up to now! Now the soldiers and police can be united, and the media people too, and refuse to obey man’s laws, which are made to control old property and money values. We render only the judgement we ask of Creation Universe – “Give us this day our daily bread (necessities) and forgive us our debts of the past.” We shall make money and property values worthless and put the values on human needs.

Most of the workers and their organizations have just been either apathetic, or under the same illusion as the so-called privileged class, thinking that they might eventually be able to join it themselves. So they continue to work for the old status quo. But now all this changes, as we unite the police and soldiers, the world labor movement and the churches and students, to participate in World Wide Work Stoppage. There will no longer be any military power nor money power – only the power of the people’s mutual agreements concerning how we shall all have real happiness, freedom, security and abundance in our new world. All in one day, our planet becomes a people’s world!

Not only do the people in the US, and other nonsocialist nations, neutralize (without a violent revolution) all the power that the dictatorship of big business and big money has over them now, but the people of the socialist countries also end their dictatorship of the proletariat and their state “withers away.” Then the Communists will have true communism, free of all money and state controls – the same as true democracy. The citizens of the US will no longer have just a voting democracy, but full economic and social democracy – the same as true communism. The world is no longer divided against itself, but is transformed all at once into a world communal democracy where the people practice self-government, with everyone having free access to the whole world.

If a person doesn’t care to cooperate with the planning facets of the people, that will be their loss.

We will no longer operate courts, prisons, police or any kind of money system,to control the amount of giving and receiving. No one will be forced to work for “a living,” as they are now. Our computer technology can be programmed to compute an ideal schedule which will keep the food, clothing, shelter, care, recreation, transportation, communication and energy flowing to everyone. Of course, we do not take orders from some hierarchy; we only take advantage of the services provided by the Planning Commission and computer technology as it applies in reality to our own true needs and abilities.

Instead of being threatened with prison, poverty or death, all people will be counseled, served and healed. Those who for any reason cannot get with their rotational schedule can work out a way with the people’s planning centers to be rescheduled into something they can do suitable to their abilities so they can advance at a natural pace in their facets of creativity and service.

Stress will be reduced to the point where all crime – with is only a natural revolution against unnatural social conditions – will be healed. All jails and prisons will be abolished. There will be creative rehabilitation centers where people will be healed of the negative effects of the ungodly usury money system of have’s and have not’s, while learning to use their natural abilities to create and provide their own food, clothing, shelter and recreation.