World Transformation

Autonomous New World Government

Government of, by and for the People

We will get organized to bring a real New World Government of sharing, health, prosperity and happiness for everyone! This government will be of God’s autonomous spirit in each one of us. No one will hold any authority over another.

Our world wide democracy will be autonomous self-government, according to the precepts set forth in the New Covenant/World Bill of Rights, with all social structures operating as a world wide communal service organization.

The transformed World Internet will be the cultural tool used to bring this into being, and it will be free of all commercial content because we’ll transcend buying and selling our daily bread for secular profit altogether. The Internet will be the tool for orchestrating the production and flow of needed goods and services, and it will carry all the media as well as personal communications. We will all be guided through wisdom and true personality.

We create all this thru the World Wide Work Stoppage/Karma Yoga Exercise in service to humanity. We stop all those things we don’t need or desire, including all that is polluting our bodies and our planet. We will stop all the commercial nonsense that is polluting our mind as well.

Since we will stop using money, we won’t have any bills to pay and no bill collectors are needed, no more banks, no stock markets, no insurance, no taxes, no bookkeeping, no dues, no more paperwork or red tape. The worker’s labor unions, city and world planning commissions, employment agencies, schools and churches are already set up to book the talent where it is needed.

So now we’ll all start to learn through doing and do away with all this foolish artificial education. All learning will be organized around the doing of actual needed things, gaining knowledge automatically in the process. Industry and service will be organized as “schools of creative experiences in the University of the Universe,” in which we are all students being taught by the Universal Mind resonating telepathically in us. It is through participating in this great Academy of Life that the souls incarnating here are healed of the effects still in their soul body. This leads directly to their transcendence from this project.

Galactic beings operate a technology that is mind-over-matter, and this planet’s populace will immediately tap in to the realm of knowledge and information which is the Universal Mind Itself, bringing things like Dynadran power units, which draw unlimited free energy right out of the electromagnetic field. Galactica can easily deliver more real, useful material goods to this planet in one month than all the armies of the world moved in all of World War II. Abundance is part of our birthright as God’s children.

Eventually, everyone will rotate thru the essential industries to provide our food, clothing, shelter, care, recreation, communication, transportation and energy, all on one high standard. These, along with the New World Planning Commission, Logistics, Administration, and World People’s Council, are the 12 facets of our autonomous, computerized New World Government (being set up now as the Internet).

Elections will no longer be necessary, because everything is done in God’s one for all, all for one spirit. Eventually, as the planet’s society rights itself and gets under way in building a utopian new world, everyone will rotate through all 12 facets under the 30/30 Plan. 30 days of giving to the common good, followed by 30 days of vacation having free use of the planet’s travel, hotel and recreation facilities.

The workers will no longer be exploited, and will govern themselves. Work as we have known it will no longer exist. All “work” will become wonderful love services, joyful creative experiences that are fulfilling to everyone. Everything will be objective and fun!

Following each 30-day period, those on the recreation/beauty/romance cycle will trade places with the producers. The producers will go into their 30 days of recreation to enjoy all the facilities of the world, being served by those whom they had been serving. In this way, we, the workers/producers of the world, use spiritual intelligence as we “do unto others as we would have them do unto us.”

The Golden Rule is the essence of the 30/30 Plan and brings a natural balance of giving and receiving, with each person serving in the essential services and industries during alternate 30-day periods. Everyone will have free access to all products and services of our collective labor and creativity.