World Transformation

The 30/30 Plan

The 30/30 Plan

This is our 30-day rotational plan, where we serve according to the schedule adopted by our own communal democratic organizations.

Everyone participates freely in our new industries, which are organized as a great One World Company that has no owners, and run by the workers through autonomous communal self-government. No one draws wages because we institute a system whereby every person’s needs are met freely.

People will govern themselves according to the precepts in Spirit God’s New Covenant/World Bill of Rights. For 30 days, half the people operate the planet’s industrial and service facilities to produce and distribute all things needed, while the other half enjoys the free use of all the recreational opportunities on the planet. People then switch roles for the next 30 days, and so on: 30 days of serving followed by 30 days of recreation.

In this way, we, the workers/producers of the world, use spiritual intelligence and “do unto others as we would have them do unto us.”

This is the essence of the 30/30 Plan and brings a natural balance into giving and receiving, with each person doing approximately five-hour “love service” shifts in the essential services and industries for five days a week during alternate 30-day periods. Everyone will have free access to all products and services of our collective labor and creativity.

Workers comprise only about 50% of the population when all the superfluous work is eliminated. The other 50% who have been employed doing things that will no longer be necessary or desired go on a 30-day vacation while the 50% on service shifts, thru their self-government, will rotate according to their abilities and needs.

Everyone will rotate thru the essential industries to provide our food, clothing, shelter, care, recreation, communication, transportation and energy, all on one high standard.

The 50% of the men, women and children who are on their vacation/recreation cycle will schedule their transportation, hotel and recreation reservations thru the World Internet computer network, which will also include healing and rehabilitation facilities.

Many have dreamed about a world utopia that Spirit God would bring, and all our tears would be wiped away. Well, it’s coming about now right before our eyes, as the yin and yang forces on the planet, the left and right wings, synthesize together to end private property and the system of getting-for-self. There will be no more war, crime, disease, poverty or mortal death.

The New Jerusalem Galactic Mothership comes down from God out of heaven (from space), Revelation 21:1-3, and goes into orbit about the new Earth – which, in Galactica, is called Placentia, planet of plenty and rebirth.

Spirit God, which is the Universal Mind in all space, does all these wonderful things for us now. It has taken all of the last twenty thousand years to fill the planet’s aura with enough positive thought of the Godmind’s spirit so that the bodies could be animated in loving, kind ways, and sharing would prevail in all things. The souls who are bound up here cannot be put back into eternal bodies on a Galactic spaceship and taken back into normal Universe until their soul body’s cognition switches are again in harmony with normal Universe.

This means the reactivation of the soul’s etheric light body through spiritual reunion with God, the Creation Being that IS the Universe. This is ecstatic soul freedom, sparked by real love-energy radiating through every circuit of Soul Awareness. The activated light body is alight with Christ Spirit radiating thru its million faceted crystal circuitry.

I repeat, we are not talking about the old man-God up in heaven on a throne. The people here do not know much yet of real Creation Universe. But they will now learn that the spaceships that come from Galactica are here to bring in God’s Kingdom for all people.

Spirit God brings this coming thousand year period of great spiritual health and happiness and ends the exploitation of the creative people by the owners of business and industry. The opposites of labor and capital have all been relative to each other since the coming of the Industrial Age. In the new world we transcend all of these relative opposites, which are under the illusion of separate good and evil, creating a social economic synthesis through a system of free giving and receiving. We replace private property and money with the new, free system in which all people share in the common wealth of the whole planet. No one loses anything, and everyone serves together to bring forth a world of total abundance.