Galactic Contact

The Solar Catastrophe

Solar Upheaval

A great revelation given in the Everlasting Gospel is that a catastrophe happened long ago in this solar system . . . which has been the cause of all the satanic negativity and duality that the people here have been dealing with in this space warp of consciousness.

About six million years ago, this solar system short-circuited, heated up and burned out in an atomic firestorm, leaving about 24 billion entities in space, without bodies. All of the planets were affected to varying degrees. The planet Maldek blew up completely, and all that remained is what we see as the asteroid belt. Saturn blew its crust, which is its ring of dust and rock particles. Jupiter burned up inside and the smoke emitted from its open poles circulated into a ball of swirling gases. This planet heated up and burned out on the inside as well.

There were several trillion beings in this Plentoria solar system when it started to heat up, and when Creation Mind called to the entities to come out of the solar system, most of them did. The Godmind sent millions of Its holographic crystal ball computers into this solar system before the catastrophe to rebalance the souls here. Trillions of souls were turned around, and Galactica sent extra spaceships for them to leave the solar system. But the 24 billion who were left behind didn’t listen to God, because they had crossed over too far into the realm of reactive thought. They disobeyed the Godmind when It told them, via the crystal ball computers It grows and can talk to Its souls through, that they should put the things they asked for out of their mind, because God couldn’t give them what they wanted.

• A Galactic History of this World Ch 1: In The Beginning; Ch 2: Paradise Lost

How It Began

The movement that led to the Solar Catastrophe began with an entity known as Baal, and millions of others like him, who wanted to become as God and have rule over the souls of this solar system. Spirit God told him this was impossible and to put the thought out of his mind.

There is no hierarchy in all of God’s Creation, which is oneness in every way. But Baal couldn’t let go of the idea; it had taken hold in his consciousness. Unknowingly, Baal had begun to reverse his consciousness, whence he began to “think he was thinking,” falsely imagining he had uncovered what he believed was the 13th dimension, a new realm where a brain could create thought. In actuality, he was tuning into the Luciferic energies that are of subconsciousness in Creation, which operate the recycling system of the Universe. Hence he is known as Baal-Lucifer.

False Ego-mind Appears – Catastrophe Follows

Baal began to promote a movement of souls who decided they wanted a mind they could think with, so they could plan part of their life and, individually, do what they wanted to do and go where they wanted to go. They imagined they had personal free will, apart from the absolute free will of the Universal Mind. Thus was the egocentric, reactive thinking mind, the pseudo-soul, activated in the solar system, and satanic power began to build up as an automatic consequence of this unreal consciousness.

It is important here to realize there is no man-Satan, only satanic power resulting from ignorant actions. Neither is there a man-God as portrayed by religions. Omni God is Spirit, and It is eternal and infinite. It is Universal Cosmic Consciousness. Its thought operates the whole Universe. Its thought IS the Universe.

Evidently they were not satisfied with God’s kind of romance, beauty, adventure and surprises. The thought of a great anarchist Spirit that created an all-knowing eternal Universe which goes on forever is a heavy thought for some souls to dwell on.

The souls here used their false notion of free will to develop that egoic mind they could “think” with. All thought originates in the Godmind, not in souls. The absolute creative freedom of living as a channel of God’s Spirit is Universal Free Will, which we all share in. The secondary, dualistic thinking mind is not of the all-knowing Universal Mind, that is only perfect oneness in all ways. It is reactive ego-consciousness, thoughts spinning in an endless confusion of effects piled upon effects, divorced from cause. It was and is in the realm of Luciferic energies: namely, nature’s recycling system of energy and bacteria which returns matter back to pure energy. This is consciousness that is bound up in matter, thus in duality when divorced from spirit.

When consciousness is centered, the recycling energy is in balanced relativity with the positive Life Force of Christ Spirit and no problems exist. But embraced separately in ego-consciousness, thus moving away from the neutral synthesis, they get crossed up in one another. This is what caused a short-circuit in the psychic aura of this solar system, eventually leading to the atomic burnout of the whole Solar System. 24 billion souls were involved, their circuits damaged and solar system in ruins.

Return to Eternal Life – Beyond Evolution

After the Solar Catastrophe, it would take over 6 million years up until now for the energies to be returned to natural balance, wherein the souls being healed here could reunite with eternal life. The whole period of “Evolution” being under the dominion of the God-Force, and Its special contingent known as the Galactic Space Command.

The knowledge of this karmic situation was too much for the souls here to bear in the past, so it couldn’t be revealed until now, when the delivery is at hand. In normal Universe, all the entities are in the Christ-conscious energies of spiritual Life Force. Our awareness, which is God’s Awareness, is constantly growing, expanding and transforming itself infinitely.

There is no separate ego involved at all, only souls unfolding together in oneness. Imagine an infinite field of flowers blooming endlessly in ever-new fashion under the beneficent rays of God’s Spirit.

But this is not what earth people cognite on when the word “evolution” is used. They imagine it refers to Darwin’s theory of evolution regarding physical bodies. They believe “life is all the survival of the fittest, and man is the end of a long chain of developing life forms that emerged from a primordial cosmic soup, and the Universe started with a Big Bang.” All of this is mortal-minded thought. As if the DNA genetic code were a fortuitous accident, and we are the lucky recipients. It is all false belief based on “thinking” entities are nothing more than bodies, with brains they have to educate to think, living in a Universe that is just matter floating in space.

The cosmic civilization of the eternal Universe is all of living Spirit – from Everlasting to Everlasting, ever expanding in constant new Joy. “Evolution” is a special word used to explain the changing, mutating nature of people, events and ideas on these special healing planets, a process of rising consciousness entities would go through. It contrasts life going forward into higher and higher expressions of consciousness with negated energies going backwards in “devolution,” down into heavier and heavier states.

To reverse this situation, and to rebalance and synthesize the energy and consciousness that led to this condition, and for other reasons we shall see, the being Baal-Lucifer has been incarnating in bodies on this planet, playing a recurring role down through history as the key leader of the money changers.

All this is because the civilization has been under money atonement; where money would be used as an artificial stimulus to move society forward, and because the society it creates is yet in error, Spirit God would have to give nuclear atonement to finally bring an end to the error, which goes all the way back to the Solar Catastrophe; not by carrying out a nuclear trial by fire, however. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were quite enough. The psychological threat in consciousness alone has been enough to turn people back from the brink.

Spirit God controls all nuclear weapons, so there is no danger. Spirit God’s intervention through Galactica ends all war. Not with weapons, rather with benevolent spirituality that is indisputable. No one will resist God’s Kingdom when it is offered to them, especially Baal-Lucifer. That soul is the behind-the-scenes leader of the capitalist world. From that place he exercises control over the usury capitalist world, principally through the FRS and IMF. Nevertheless, he is forgiven as well. Spirit God has healed him, and will enlighten him at some time to play a positive role in eliminating money altogether.

When the PSI energy phase disconnected on automatic circuitry, before the “infection” could spread to other solar systems, the solar system overheated and blew out in a great catastrophe. This left the 24 billion entities spaced out of their eternal bodies, floating in the astral aura of the solar system, their etheric circuitry damaged. All consciousness, which resonates in the etheric space of a solar system, was burned away.

All of this was a negative effect resulting from their wrong social cause. It shows how powerful ideas are, and that once an idea gets started how hard it is to stop it. This is why it is so important to learn to monitor the thoughts in ones headset, and learn to only speak and act on the synthesis truth.

In response to this situation, the Universe sent members of the Galactic Elohim to this solar system, to set up a special healing project to redeem the entities here who were lost in space . . .