Galactic Contact

Placentia, Planet of Plenty and Rebirth

A Special Healing Project

“Words go forth to fulfill the things for which they are sent and do not return to us void.” This is the Universe’s Law of Cause and Effect, operating eternally and exactly, known as the Law of Karma. And herein lies the tale of this planet (Placentia – planet of plenty and rebirth), because the entities of this solar system (Plentoria), got off the beam, so to speak, and a great cataclysm took place, a solar catastrophe, in which some 24 billion entities wound up spaced out, with no way to return to normal life.

We know that this seems incredible – at first. But as the ETI Story unfolds to you, it will prove itself to be correct and true. Among other things, it explains what satanic power is, and how it came to exist in this solar system; plus, most importantly, how to heal it.

• A Galactic History of this World: Introduction

Because of the solar catastrophe, about 6 million years ago the Galactic Elohim set this planet up as a special healing project for these 24 billion entities to be redeemed back into real life in eternity, their etheric circuitry restored to normal. 16 billion were redeemed during the Pyramid Temple Cities period. 8 billion souls are left, 6 billion in bodies on the planet.

The complete story, covering the 6 million year period of galactic involvement with this solar system, is found on the posts of this website. The ETI Story unfolds in this order: The Solar Catastrophe (What happened and why); This Placentia Project (The response of the God Force); The Pyramid Temple Cities (created by Galactic Beings); the Deluvian Period (the past 20,000 years).

Here and Now on Placentia

John Lennon said: “Life is what’s happening while you’re busy making other plans.” In other words, your karma and subsequently the karma of the world, is being played out while people are caught up in just thinking about it, trying their best just to get along.

9/11 was a cosmic wake up call to the world, and America in particular.

Make no mistake about it, this world is in a crisis on every level, caused by wrong spiritual, social and economic causes. The system of getting-for-self has devolved life here to the point where humankind is rapidly destroying the very health of the planet, and themselves along with it.

This cannot continue, for it would only lead to all life being lost in a world-wide catastrophe/apocalyse.

Please be clear, it is human beings who are in error that is causing this mess. The error in consciousness manifests in the false economic system of usury, which uses people up as fodder for the grist mill of capitalism. There is no Satan, only satanic energy, produced automatically by a satanic economic system that has no relationship to spiritual reality. Also, there is no religious man-God up on Cloud 9, there is only omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient Consciousness that IS Living Spirit.

It is also humans who must act to serve with Spirit God in their own behalf to remedy the situation.

This can all be transformed thru Spirit God’s ways of Sharing, Forgiving, Giving and Receiving.

There is a solution! The whole world doesn’t have to go into the karmic basement again to eat more sauerkraut. The world can be healed without going thru the experience of a WWIII Armageddon.

In truth, millions of souls are awakening now, more every day. They are discovering spiritual truth within themselves. As the daydream fades and the veils lift, souls everywhere are endeavoring to unite and serve God’s real purpose here.

Read “Placentia – Planet of Plenty & Rebirth” — the complete channeling about the Solar Catastrophe, Galactica’s response, the Pyramid Temple Cities, and this present Deluvian period.