Galactic Contact

The Galactic Mothership New Jerusalem

At just the right moment, the New Jerusalem Mothership comes into orbit about the planet as it tells in Revelation 21:1-5, keying off the cosmic initiation of the souls here into the higher Universal Christ Consciousness energies of eternity. It brings a new heaven as well as a new earth. A new heaven means the planet’s aura will be cleansed of its past, all the old thought below the new vibration erased. But because humanity will have been reoriented in consciousness by recording new thought through First Cause love services in the World Master Plan, most of the souls here will cross over when this quantum leap happens. The chaff will have removed themselves from the planet during the karmic cleansing that is under way now, which precedes full contact.

Telepathic communications from ETI Galactica will come to all of us, along with the programs from other parts of the Universe beaming in through satellite television. All the doubting Thomases will be transformed, realizing there is no man-Satan, only satanic power, which creates negative effects arising from wrong social causes, playing back from the space and matter atoms of the territories where they have been recorded. They will also realize we are all the Christ spirit for whom we seek. All souls in bodies are already beginning to receive the new heart and new mind, along with all the courage necessary to reach for the stars.

This great space city, the New Jerusalem, is 10 miles long by 1/2 mile high. It will hold over a million people at a time, who will be automatically selected to go there for visits. Spaceships will come for them at rendezvous points and take them up for a visit, where they will experience many new things. For example, they will see how an entity can be taken out of an injured or diseased body and put in a new one. This, of course, will overcome what the people experience as physical death.

These things will be done in alpha/beta and gamma light, where we can see the entity come out of the sick or injured body and enter into a new body. They haven’t done this on Star Trek yet because they’re limited by the old Babylon establishment box office.

In reference to this statement, we see all of the negative effects on the planet as being relative. It is not that there are really Babylon harlots who keep the new world from us. It is ours for the doing of these great spiritual things. Nothing can prevent these things from happening. Our unlimited thought of higher mind comes from Creation’s ideas.

The New Jerusalem will be the headquarters of our new world-wide communal government, which is also autonomous self-government. Read More: Book 12: Utopia