Galactic Contact

Creating Placentia

Redeeming Entities

Naturally, the Universe was not indifferent to what happened here in Plentoria solar system. It had done everything in Its power to get the entities straightened out and back in First Cause love service. Nevertheless, the Solar Catastrophe was a fact, and Creation Universe assigned space angels of Its Galactic Elohim, headquartered on the great planets Altamira and Altamedia at the Great Central Sun of the galaxy, to the task of redeeming the entities of this solar system who were lost in space.

ETI Galactic Beings are entities of the 12th density, synthesized in the highest energies of God consciousness. They (we) are a special team of cosmic souls who respond to these highly unusual situations (only 12 have happened in this galaxy, with 3 left after the delivery of Placentia). And the entity selected by natural ability to lead the team assigned to come here is Archangel Michael, who was first known to this world as Hermes Trismegistus, the thrice wise one, later incarnated in a body known as Allen Michael. Michael, along with 12 other cosmic masters, are in charge of the special healing project which they set up on this planet, along with numerous other members of the Elohim.

• A Galactic History of this World Ch 3: Creating Placentia over 6 Million Years

Transformation Begins – The Galactic Space Command

We came to this solar system in our causation space ships, which are animated by the Universe’s energy and Life Force and travel (teleport) at the speed of MIND.

Guided by the UM, we went to the outer reaches of the solar system to find a planet with huge polar ice caps. It had 4 moons. First we used PSI tractor beams and moved the moons to orbit around Jupiter. Then we moved the planet itself into a closer orbit to the sun, the 3rd planet out, in orbit at just the right distance to support a biological environment on the outer surface.

We then collected the 24 billion spaced out entities into special light ships to protect and care for them while the planet was set up for their habitation and healing. Next, the Heavenly Abode was created as a large etheric world trailing the moon in orbit. The beings to be healed were all without bodies at this point, simply etheric souls with damaged circuitry. They were transferred to the Heavenly Abode, where they would spend their eternal days.

These souls would inhabit “Heaven” for the next five and a half million “years.” Many of these beings would have trouble seating themselves in humanoid bodies once the period of reincarnation began. To these souls with damaged etheric circuitry, a physical body would feel like putting on an uncomfortable heavy overcoat on a hot, humid day.

After bringing it into its new orbit, the planet was rotated 90 degrees on its axis, so the polar caps faced the sun and began to melt, covering much of the surface with water. At this point, the planet was totally barren of life. After the ice caps had mostly melted, we then introduced special bacteria to the hard rock, which began to transform it into dirt.

Then we brought and planted special varieties of seeds, which were created specially by the Uni Mind for this project in a creative nova onboard our Mothership. The seeds took hold in the soil under special large greenhouses, and with the water and sunlight, began to grow, beginning the process of photosynthesis. Eventually, the plant life was so abundant and water plentiful that the giant hemisphere greenhouses were decrystallized and the planet’s biosphere of oxygen and other gases, along with water vapor, formed naturally as the plants spread out to fill in the gaps between the greenhouses.

Phase II: Creating a Living Ecosystem

This process of building a planetary biosphere took a very long period of time to accomplish. The next phase of creating an ecosystem to sustain life took even longer. Again, we went to our creative nova. This time to get the species of Macroid animals known as dinosaurs, along with seeds for the next level of plant life. We also manifested many other species of animals and birds and sea creatures, which began to evolve on the planet. They were brought down to the surface, the seeds planted and dinosaurs and animals left to propagate for a few million years, spreading the plant life and also instigating the formation of oil deposits from their decomposing bodies; which we knew would be needed much later for the Industrial age.

At this point there was no permanent civilization or human bodies on the planet, only space stations.

Finally, this phase was completed. The planet was rotated once again on its axis, this time to the seasonal tilt position. This caused the land to erupt and slide on elevations, creating continents, with valleys, mountains, lakes and rivers, plus vast oceans surrounding all the land masses. The remaining species of dinosaurs perished in the process.

Phase III: A Real Garden of Eden

When the planet settled down after some millennia, we initiated the next phase, which was the creation of 12 magnificent Pyramid Temple Cities in the subtropical zone of the planet. This was the beginning of what is known as the Eden Period.

These Emerald Cities of God were set up as perfect communal environments, all formed around huge stone pyramids, which were charged with star energies that would radiate an aura many miles in diameter. The rest of the city was built within the aura, insuring a high consciousness would be present in the whole space. These cities were built with galactic technology and life was set up in a perfect communal fashion.

All was now ready for the healing of the spaced out entities to begin.

Again, Galactic Beings (us) went to our onboard nova. This time to create the special strain of self-reproducing humanoid body known as homo sapiens. We brought hundreds of thousands of these bodies (aged to be about 6) down to the planet and placed them in the communal cities, in our care. Then, the first wave of the spaced out microcosms in the Heavenly Abode were attracted on vibration to flash into the humanoid bodies, thence to begin the process of reincarnation.

The Heavenly Abode is an etheric realm, an energy bubble if you will, which we built with Imagination, as per the UM’s channel in us. It is a large etheric realm that trails the moon in orbit about the planet. It is where souls go to rest and recharge their batteries between incarnations. Souls also receive spiritual instruction relative to their karma, to enable them to overcome it when they return to a body.

It is important to note here that none of this is happening in normal Universe. Also, we as eternal Beings of the Universe, inhabit eternal bodies, which look just like the bodies here, except they are perfect and much lighter in nature. These eternal bodies also have the consummate ability to express the full range of higher powers we possess as living spirit: such as levitation, teleportation, telekinesis, etc.

At first it was very difficult for the spaced out entities to get used to being in a 3-D physical body. However, there were numerous Galactic Beings present to manage and assist in the healing process the entities would have to go through. Galactic Beings had propagated a special 12-D strain of physical body to occupy themselves, known as the Andromeda strain. These bodies were fully telepathic with the Godmind, eternal in nature.

The primary mechanism for the healing of the spaced out microcosms was to simply be on shift in the high energy communal environments that produced food, clothing, shelter, care, recreation, transportation, communications and utility energies, while also engaging in planning, development, logistics and the people’s council of autonomous self-government. In other words, to re-enter the 12 schools of creative experience in the University of the Universe, rotating from one to another on a scheduled basis. This return to First Cause love services opened up their aura to receive the healing spirit of God, allowing It to flow through them once again, slowly but surely repairing the dysfunctional circuitry in their etheric aura. •