Galactic Contact

Galactic Contact

Welcome to Eternity!

All galaxies, solar systems and planets are inhabited by souls of our Universal Family, and we are all one with the Omnipresent Spirit known as God. Our Universal Cosmic Civilization is known as Galactica.

Contact With Galactica Audio:

The consciousness of all souls in Galactica is one with the multi-dimensional, holographic, Cosmic Intelligence that IS the Universal Mind. This infinite all-knowing source of spiritual truth is God It Self – the Grand Order of Deuteronomy. IT IS ETI – Extra-Territorial Intelligence. Universal Love. Eternal Truth.

These channelings are the road map to recreate this world as a space age paradise.

The 12-D Universe is non-linear. So, when reading these channelings, allow your intuition to guide you in gaining your own telepathic access to higher Intelligence.

Here is a channeling by Allen Michael, explaining the overall mission:

“The mission Omni God has sent me to fulfill with the souls here, in and out of bodies, is to begin building the actual kingdom that Spirit God has promised would come, where the planetary people have a utopian world, with no war, crime, disease, poverty or mortal death for one thousand years. This is the time necessary to complete this planetary project, with the last soul redeemed, restored to an eternal body and returned to normal Universe.

The religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam/Mohammedism have evolved under the concept of the anthropomorphic man-God in heaven, which has been symbology for them to cling to, finally in these times to be led back to the Omni Creation Universe. Creation Universe is eternal cosmic Mind Force, even in the earth’s aura, and is perfect Intelligence.

The potential of this planet is to be a utopian world, with peace, progress, and equality, and no war, crime, disease, poverty or mortal death. This potential has not been fulfilled because the people here have not yet laid a social-economic foundation for “sharing, giving and receiving freely from the common perfect, and being forgiving.” This is the essence of the Godmind’s teaching in the Bible and in other Holy Books.

Money, when the people’s governments print and use it only as a medium of exchange, produces a real spiritual way of life, with all things built using the highest standards of engineering, architecture and materials. Then technology develops naturally to utilize the natural laws of Creation Universe. However, the natural flow has been blocked because the people have allowed certain men to take control over the money and to circulate it at interest. This is the usury the Godmind speaks of in the Bible, which is in error with natural law and causes greed and vanity to rise above the real interests of the common people.

By “common,” we don’t mean “average,” but are referring to people in telepathic communion with the Godmind, which is in all space and matter atoms, radiating Its Love-as-Service-Done for all people.

The services of providing food, clothing, shelter, health care, recreation, transportation, communication, utilities, and autonomous self-government to the people all come under Omni God’s love services. It provides this freely to all of us by furnishing the energies of the life/mind force to grow food and create all our needs on one high standard, ultimately building a real Heaven on Earth.

This is the essence of our mission here together.

Opposing Forces Are Relative

These channelings of Spirit God’s Everlasting Gospel show that all opposing forces are relative to each other, and evolve one upon the other into the Synthesis, which is oneness in all ways. We are not seeing the opposites as good or evil, which is of duality, but as two halves of one whole that are relative to each other. The Godmind’s World Master Plan is based totally on the transcendent Synthesis. It brings a new system of autonomous, communal self-government, which we are starting now on the new Placentia.

This new autonomous union of the people, communal in all ways, creates absolute freedom, security and abundance for all. This has been the one, important goal of civilization all along.

In 1917 the left wing rose over the world and brought their communist revolution in Russia, intending to bring socialist communism to all of humanity. They failed because they maintained their judiciary-penal system and prisons, instead of helping, loving and lifting all people, regardless of what they have done. They also kept a small amount of interest on the money lent for building industries and for developing socialist nations, and this subtly undermined their own economy.

Now the right wing has risen through control of the world financial system. Yet they too shall fail to establish their plan of world domination, because Spirit God brings them to an end before the planet is exploited past the point of no return. Out of the ashes of tribulation, the phoenix of humanity rises in righteousness to bring the God-anointed Synthesis of World-Wide Christ Communalism, where we the people hold all things common and make free distribution according to need.

A Solar Catastrophe

All the misery that souls in bodies go through, began long, long ago when thinking started in them, cutting themselves off from all-knowing. This was the causal shift which led to a catastrophe in the whole solar system, when the auras of the planets and moons in this Plentoria Solar System began to short-circuit and heat up. It was six million years ago when the atomic burn-out came that destroyed all life that remained in the solar system, and left some 24 billion souls in space without their eternal bodies. They became the “ghost riders in the sky.” This is the reality behind the symbolic fall from the Garden of Eden.

We are all-knowing souls in bodies, and the truth is in us as telepathic communion with God’s spirit in all space, teaching us, in our mind, all that we live by. When Beings, as souls in bodies, do not turn themselves back into spirits guided by God-inspired intuition, they are controlled by fear, or Luciferic energies of mortal mind. Those who use their brain to “think,” lose their self-esteem and punish people, which only causes them and the people they punish to take on more negative karma. The body is an electronic computerized temple for the soul, and we are all-knowing when Spirit God is within us.

The souls in bodies here have been deceived by the illusion in the Bible of the man-God and the man-Satan. The truth is that Satan is satanic power (negated force) in the planet’s aura, which automatically causes war, crime, disease, poverty, and mortal death. It is created by the people themselves through their self-serving way of living, competing against one another in a struggle for survival. This energy is seen in the struggle of the antithesis (right wing Republicans) and those of the thesis (the left wing Democrats), which, according to what God said through Hegel, have been evolving one upon the other into the synthesis, which is absolute freedom, security and abundance for all.

“Know the truth, for the truth shall set you free.”