World Transformation

One World Company

The great Idea whose time has come and cannot be stopped is the universal idea that we are all one people on one planet in one eternal Universe. To manifest this truth, the Universal Mind has given a perfect plan in the Everlasting Gospel, channeled by Allen Michael, that takes humanity into a real heaven on earth.

The One World Company and a free banking system to Get Rid Of Money are major parts of this plan, all of which come easily into being with full Galactic Contact established in physical reality. What follows is a concise channeling about these great ideas.


The One World Company is the planetary industrial engine that produces all necessary goods and services needed by humanity. It replaces all corporate structures. Its structure is one for all, all for one, no hierarchy, where no person or group holds any authority over another. Its real leaders will be servants first and foremost, led by wisdom and true personality.

The One World Company incorporates all manner of talented and willing individuals and groups, material goods, resources, energy, existing industries, services and financing. Thru our unified mind force and in materially we link up to build the greatest thing ever to happen — the New World!

Why Wait?! We are already existing in an eternal and absolute Universe that has already established Its perfect procedure in all natural things. Money has taken us as far as it can. Now it’s time to put away the material tinkertoys and put all things to right-use-ness in service to all the world’s people.


• Autonomous Communal Free Enterprise of, by and for the people, where everyone is an equal shareholder and all natural resources and industries are held common.

• A worldwide network of people’s industries that supply abundant food, clothing, shelter, care, recreation, transportation, communications and utilities to everyone on one high standard.

• Real, vital creativity for all people, accomplished thru Love Services done for all people.

• Communal stewardship of the entire planet by all people, with attendant freedom of use.

• Financed thru the World People’s GROM banking system, to supply funding for the material resources and energy necessary to create people’s industry.

• Structured communal industry integrated harmoniously with the planet and the people’s culture. A common adequate wage will be paid in transitioning to a free system where all needs are given and received for no cost.


• Getting Rid Of Money as an automatic result of holding all things common and creating a FREE economy of pure giving and receiving.

• The first banking system that uses money as free cash flow, no usury interest attached.

• Financier of the people’s industry thru free cash flow funding.

• Directed by the New World Government that is of, by and for the people.

We do all of this by setting up the ways and means of sharing that create absolute freedom, security for all people. The Universe, Its nature and cosmic life force IS this already. So, begin now to get into the high imagining of having use of the whole planet, and being FREE to create, serve and experience life according to its highest potential.