One World Family Commune

Universal Industrial Church

The One World Family Commune, founded by Allen Michael, is a pilot model demonstration of how to live in a new world communal consciousness of sharing on all levels: socially, economically, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.

Those of us who came together in San Francisco as the One World Family Commune in 1967, recognized Allen Michael to be a spiritual master of a caliber beyond any we, in our lifetimes, had encountered.

We were inspired by the vision of a world of giving and receiving, sharing and forgiving, and the realization that flying saucers and space beings are as real as we are and are here to assist us in this planetary awakening. We knew we’d found the real thing and were confident the rest of the world would soon recognize what to us was the obvious truth being channeled thru Allen Michael.

Truth Realities

In 1974, we incorporated our communal project as the “Universal Industrial Church of the New World Comforter,” in recognition of Allen Michael’s spiritual role here on this planet. The following is a channeling by Allen Michael about our realization, who we are and what our mission is:

Our truth-reality encompasses the sum total of all there is that is omnipresent as mind-force, with us now as all-knowing spirit. We are located in an already created and expanding Universe, operated in its entirety by a perfect Creative Intelligence, which many people call God and other names. They have experienced parts of Its perfection, and have evolved religions around such Christ or religious experiences. When we say Christ, we do not refer to Jesus, Moses or any diety – but simply to Universal Consciousness: which is what the word Christ means. We do not see things as good or bad, selecting what we want and vainly thinking only that which we have chosen is good. Knowing this, we help bring yin and yang balance to all things, we learn to take the bitter with the sweet and synthesize the whole civilization into one harmonious team working together to rebuild the whole world according to the Truth.

Building Heaven on Earth

We know that we are eternal microcosms of the Macrocosm now. We do not look to be saved by Jesus or any diety, because there is nothing to be saved from except ignorance. There is only to build a natural heaven on this earth. The reason there is not a natural progressive order on this planet is because the world people are in error against the natural laws of the Universe, and therefore out of their erring they are getting negative effects. But when the people of earth correct their spiritual and socio-economic errors against the natural laws of the Universe, then all the negative effects such as war, crime, disease, poverty, etc. will automatically go away.

We realize the Creative Intelligence of the Universe has evolved a fantastic atomic mental network throughout Its dominions, of which there is no beginning or ending as finite mind would try to conceive. So we know that thru the atomic body, the RNA-DNA/ESP-PSI Uni-Helix – which created all things in their true nature and use – the whole Universe is already programmed to be what it is, and that it is all perfect; and that, in the evolving of all things thru the law of mental causation, truth is the essence of what we are supposed to do and be; and that the Universal Mind Macrocosm is sending the PSI energies of Its creating thru the ESP organs of perception of Its microcosms – the sons and daughters of God’s purposes.

Living the Truth

We are living the truth through every thought, word and deed we fulfill as love services done for all humanity. We do not live by doctrines or creeds. We have only life, liberty and full pursuits of happiness to make this Placentia planet a wonderful place for all the inhabitants of the earth.

We do not have, nor can we gain life, liberty and the pursuits of happiness thru man’s current governments, which are all of the Babylon usury system. These things can only come about thru a government that is a reflection of the Uni Helix, which is in the synthesis of sharing – giving and receiving, and forgiveness, “all for one and one for all.”

People make government, but it is the Godhead, thru Its Universal Mindforce, that speaks omnipresently to us. It is thru our body and soul chakras that we tune into the Universal Mind – UM; therefore, we are All-Knowing. We and the Godhead are one. Yet we know It does the greater work, and keeps no secrets from us when we go to It for knowledge.

We know that when we listen to the messages coming into our heads, and do not attach personality to them, that then the UM is telepathically directing us. We clearly see and hear, in our high state of clairvoyance, three distinct frequencies of thought coming into our head/radio-TV station. They are the two extremes of any situation and the blending Synthesis affirmative between the two relative opposite forces.

We realize that the words we speak and the acts we do are telepathically coming to us and going forth to fulfill the things for which they are sent; and if our words and acts are programming negative effects for us, then we are in error. But in our mouth there is no guile! So our words and deeds go forth to bless all people. And inasmuch as we hold all material things common, draw no wages and buy collectively, we set the pace for all people to be liberated from usury money and capital wealth, into a new world where money is no longer used. We know that thru sharing we can inspire peaceable world transformation.

Just as it is given in the New Covenant/World Bill of Rights, the total world environment is to be set up into wonderful schools of creative experiences, where all people express their talents and develop greater abilities, and thru joy, create an abundance of all things for everyone. They will finally have free access to the whole world by carrying out God’s great World Master Plan. All people will be able to come and go as they please, having use of all public facilities, transportation, etc. on a sharing basis. They can stay at any dwelling place of their choosing.

We realize that the High Creative Intelligence of the Universe, which people sometimes glibly speak of as their God, is only perfection expressing Itself in the creation of all things. There is absolutely nothing wrong with human nature in any respect! The only taint that can come into the RNA-DNA/Unigenetic codes are those oddities and erraticisms that people vainly imagine into the rapidly computing mind machinery of the Universe – which go into causation, and then must be corrected thru karma-retribution.

We are trained transient entities from the Galactic Command Space Complex – GCSC – who have incarnated into a special (Andromeda) strain of earth bodies. We have been programmed into the art of love services; and we know how to get it on with the people of planets. The only way we can be forestalled (we can never be stopped, conquered or contained) is if we were to be divided to resist each other in battle.

But this could not be, because we have learned well the lessons of cause and effect/karma-retribution (retroactive in our mind). We know the stove is hot, so we do not touch it to get burned. We also know that most of man’s laws are not made for spiritual progress, but have been blindly made to promote and protect the many commercial things that are more or less filthy rags when compared to God’s superrealism of a splendid New World in which beautiful cities gleam forth in the sun by day and sparkle under the stars at night. These are the Cities of God: wherein all the people dwell in comfort and safety – all having absolute freedom, security and abundance.

Communal Government

ALL principle decisions regarding expenditures of communal funds, creating the weekly shift schedule, future direction, the empowerment of creative activities, as well as any and all communal or interpersonal issues are handled at our weekly meeting. Here again, we realize it is the Universal Mind channeling thru us that will reveal the synthesis truth that transcends all duality in any situation, thus enabling us to stay centered as a group in the “one for all, all for one” consciousness of the Universe.

We realize we are all autonomous spiritual microcosms, eternal beings who have no need for any authority other than that of Spirit God’s loving, communal wisdom channeling thru us. So we are manifesting a true experience of autonomous self government, while maintaining group harmony and generally furthering the culture we are creating. It is this idea as much as anything else that forms the basis for a real new world government, beyond nation-states and all their mortal minded regalia.

Holding All Things in Common

Sharing is endemic to our true nature as spiritual beings. So toward that end we have endeavored to share to the best of our ability in every aspect of our lives. So all material resources, including money, is “held in common” with distribution being made according to need. This is exactly the economic system taught by Jesus to his disciples (Acts 4:32-35), and also now by Spirit God’s channelings coming thru Allen Michael.

By pooling our money and resources, and thereby supplying our basic needs thru communal energies, we find there is both an abundance of all things available to us all, and an optimization in the efficiency of their use. For example, sharing the use of automobiles, and making a communal dinner each evening. One car can serve numerous people, thus requiring fewer of them; and not only does everyone get a wholesome, nutritious meal each night, but they also only have to cook and cleanup once a week, and then only as part of a team.

First Cause Love Services in the “University of the Universe”

Another fundamental precept as a commune has always been to serve humanity in harmony with Spirit God’s First Cause Love Services. That being to create the communal structure (ultimately on a world wide basis) that provides food, clothing, shelter, care, communications, recreation, transportation and utilities to all people on one high standard.

So, toward that end, as a demonstration of communal creativity we have created numerous “schools of experience” in what we call the “University of the Universe,” such as operating natural food restaurants and bakeries; creating exciting new age clothing for both adults and children which were sold in our communal clothing stores; producing numerous musical concerts as well as performing ourselves in an evolving series of communal musical groups; creating many forms of arts and crafts; producing TV shows and now having this presence on the Internet; and last but most definitely not least, publishing the channeled writings of Allen Michael in the books of the Everlasting Gospel.

We have called this the “University of the Universe” because we know that Spirit God is channeling the creative ideas through us as we serve in first cause, educating us in the process about the supreme ways of Its cosmic intelligence, as well as leading us unerringly into the right-use-ness of all materiality.

All of our principle love services are scheduled on a weekly or monthly basis: such as food buying, cooking and dish washing, house cleaning, publication production, video productions, etc., etc. We know the energy we are channeling in our creativity is going into the planet’s morphogenetic field, its mind bank, to play back automatically into the hearts and minds of all inspired souls.