Galactic Contact

University Of The Universe

Imagine living in a perfect social environment, everyone and everything in balance and harmony, all your needs provided and unlimited creative possibilities at your fingertips. For over 400,000 years in the pyramid temple cities this was exactly the way life was lived on this planet. The souls who had spaced out in the solar catastrophe were being regenerated here so they could return to eternal life in Galactica. In the pyramid temple cities, everything was an education of one kind or another, and the whole combination of collective experiences and environment was called the University of the Universe.

It was all communal, with no money used. Everyone served in the great industrial schools of experience that produced the food, shelter, care, clothing, communications, transportation, recreation and energies needed and used by the whole populace. And everyone was served in return, with all their needs met automatically. An economy of free giving and receiving where no money was used produced a balance of producers and consumers, because at any given time 50% of the populace were on shift producing the necessary goods and services, while the other 50% were recreating and enjoying the fruits of their endeavors.

The whole of education was all in the actual doing of things. Because there was a balance in all aspects of life, each soul in a body was being educated directly from the source of all life: the Universal Mind. Words sound in your head, and ideas flash through you in an inspired stream-of-consciousness that literally enlightens and animates your soul and body to do whatever creative service you’re engaged in at the moment. It’s this direct spiritual/telepathic communion with the UM that does all the teaching of each soul in the great Academy of Life.

This is what spiritual enlightenment is: To operate wholely and openly as a creative servant with the Universe, where Its Light of Wisdom is omnipresent in us and with us, operating as all-knowing Intelligence. Conscious, Intelligent love-energy flowing thru us as we serve creatively in Its purposes heals us of all afflictions on all levels, all of which having come from the separation of souls from God-the-Universe. Serving and being served in return, thus being educated in the University of the Universe, reunites us directly and totally with Its Infinite Spirit.

Education For Life

In the new world, education will begin about age 6, depending on the entity and their karma being healed, which will be known in advance. There will be open communication between souls on earth and souls up in the heavenly abode, as well. Planned parenthood will take on a whole new meaning. Before incarnating, souls will know they are returning to a life with family and friends on the earth, who will know who is coming and why.

This will give initial direction to the educational/service path the soul will take, drawing on its strengths and wisdom from past lives. The UM, omnipresent in us as a society, will guide this process.

A day in school will be a day spent in joyful creativity, with abundant materials, inspired teachers, and creative environments set up to enhance positive growth. A typical day will be a morning of academics, language or arts, focused on learning skills and developing inherent abilities. The afternoon will be serving together in some capacity, making a direct contribution to the culture and society while gaining skills as cooks, gardeners, engineers, writers, you name it. Multi-age classes will be the general rule, where the olders assist the youngers as part of their learning to be conscious, socially aware adults. Of course, a generous amount of play time will be a great part of it all!

Doesn’t this sound like fun? It will be, as will all of life! The natural spiritual aspects of life will be taught and practiced as well, according to the karmic patterns of the souls involved. Here again, the UM Itself will help us gain full Realization of our true Self.

Learning will be life long, as there is no limit to our capacity to learn and grow. As we reach adulthood the structure will change, where we find a place in the great new society and its creative industry that we are building together with the Universe, and growing ourselves in the process.

The University of the Universe is the 30/30 Plan made manifest. As adults, we will not be bound by old conventions in any way. We’ll be free to choose and schedule our own services, where we have access to the whole planet and all of its creative industry, as well as recreational facilities. On a sharing basis of course. This is what absolute freedom, security and abundance will be like when it actually comes into being.