Galactic Contact

The Deluvian Period

A New Beginning

At the end of the Eden Period, Galactic Beings removed all the technology and most of the structures in the Pyramid Temple Cities themselves. A new phase was to begin, and it would require a whole new approach to redeem the remaining 8 billion beings.

First off, there was the matter of the many souls who had drifted away from the Pyramid Cities, inhabiting mutated body forms, known as Java and Neanderthal man, and also the Grey Aliens with large black eyes. Rather than allow the process of devolution to get too strong, these Beings were taken out of their bodies and the bodies destroyed through floods created by altering the orbit of the moon. This is the origin of the myth about Noah and the Ark. Taking these souls back into the Heavenly Abode allowed them to reincarnate again into healthy, normal bodies.

• A Galactic History of this World Ch. 5: The Deluvian Period; Ch. 6: Allen Michael & The Everlasting Gospel

There was also the matter of setting up proper social environments for these entities to come into. This is where Solar Beings known as the Ascended Masters came into the picture. These entities were on closer vibration with the souls remaining to be healed, namely, in the 7th density of consciousness. So, they were assigned to set up and direct communal centers in different locations on the planet: such as the areas now known as Egypt, India, Greece, China, Peru, Central America, Atlantis and Lemuria.

These Beings of the Solar Tribunal have incarnated down through the ages, and are known through the planet’s history as spiritual avatars such as Krishna, Buddha, Mohammed, Moses and Jesus Christ, as well as thousands of other less well known saints and sages.

The Ascended Masters from this Solar System knew the situation in advance, realizing they would be dealing with “a bunch of nuts that would be very hard to crack.” That is, their egos would be extremely heavy and hard to open up to transcendental reality.

Devolution Begins

Thus, as the karma and consciousness of the beings came up, which was negative, the process of devolution began to set in. The entities now incarnating into bodies still found communal life to be difficult, and many immediately headed back out into the wilds to take up tribal life again. Others, under their own karma, found it very difficult to cope with being in a 3-D body, and thus were unable to tune into the higher energies of the Universal Mind. Slowly, the communal lifestyle began to break down all over the planet, initially being replaced by a benevolent hierarchy headed by a priesthood that was still in touch with cosmic reality.

Devolution is insidious, and as time passed eventually even the benevolent priests were replaced by souls who were less evolved in consciousness. The societies degenerated accordingly.

• Ch. 7: Atlantis and Lemuria; Ch. 8: The End of Money Atonement

Now, all through this, Galactic Beings of the 12th density continued to monitor the whole situation, realizing that the Intelligence of Spirit God had the perfect plan in MIND that in time would deliver the whole world back into the eternal Kingdom.

Nevertheless, slowly but surely, duality consciousness began to reign supreme, and the mind energy became heavier and heavier. The initial, high communal civilizations established by the Solar hierarchy degenerated into societies controlled by a ruling class who used power and priestcraft to control the masses of the people. Naturally, as the heavy karma set in, attendent negative effects of natural disasters and wars of conquest and rebellion became “normal.”

Now, all of this, mind you, was taking place without any form of higher technology, or much if any connection to the higher 12th density synthesis energies. The cultural centers were maintaining life at a very raw and rudimentary level. And the tribal societies were totally primitive. And yet, bit by bit, the God Mind began to insinuate Its ideas in the form of philosophies and inventions into the people’s consciousness, leading them forward. Ultimately, this would take a few thousand years, up to now, when the potential for a new world culture that is oneness in all ways is ready to be fulfilled. This was done by incarnating high entities at specific points in time to do special things. Ever so slowly, the energies in the planet’s morphogenetic field were being filled in and raised as the people incarnated over and over again to work out their karma.

The Return of Baal-Lucifer

This brings us to the time of King Solomon, around 1,000 B.C. At this time, the Ascended Masters had been working with the tribes of Jewish nomads for about a thousand years, from the time of Abraham. Moses was contacted from a space ship by Jehovah Lord God up on Mt. Sinai some 350 years previous to King Solomon, when he was given the Ten Commandments. All of this is pertinent, because King Solomon was the first incarnation of the entity Baal-Lucifer, the one who keyed off the energies leading to the Solar Catastrophe.

Note: This important subject is covered in depth in Book 2: “Contact,” Ch. 3, and all of Book 4: “Transcendence” and Book 6: “Freedom” of the Everlasting Gospel. These are pdf files read with Adobe Reader.

• In Summary: “Placentia,” channeling in The Everlasting Gospel by Allen Michael

Solomon was the son of David and Bathsheba, and he was carrying the heaviest karma of all the entities being redeemed here. So, his incarnation was Spirit God’s way of getting the show on the road, so to speak, by applying a heavy dose of negativity as a prod to progress and latch to retrogression for the society of the time; which was mostly tribal and nomadic, basically going nowhere fast.

King Solomon changed all that in a hurry. Using the Ten Commandments as a basis, he set up a social system that had some surprising new features. The key element in this was the idea of usury: forcing people to put up collateral and pay interest on loans of either money or resources. This they had to do in the form of jewels, goods, animals, or in many cases the wives and children of a family. If the man failed to pay his debts, the women were put in Solomon’s harem or killed and the children forced into slavery.

Of course, this worked like a charm, and King Solomon began to accumulate substantial wealth, which he immediately used to raise and equip an army, that could go out and conquer the less powerful. Once other tribes or societies were subjugated under his rule, they could be easily exploited. And, he inaugurated a system of courts and punishment for anyone who transgressed against his laws, which were arbitrarily created to sustain him and his system in power.

The positive thing King Solomon did was that he began to build and develop a vast empire, putting many people into creative activity. So in relativity, simultaneously, two powerful forces were set in motion: on the negative side, a usury system of exploitation and control of the people by a powerful elite; on the positive side, a growing social culture, with creative jobs for thousands and thousands of people. The old tribal status quo was blown to smithereens, but the heavy consequences of this progress under duality continue to plague the people to this very day.

The whole society of capitalistic getting-for-self based on greed and the love of money, as ingrained in the apparently sacrosanct notion of private money and private property, is referred to as “Babylon” in the Bible, and for good reason. This program is destroying all life on the planet, and the vast majority of people don’t have a clue about what is happening or why.

A New Beginning

This shows that once an idea gets set into motion, it is very, very difficult to change it. Hence, the positive completion to the Deluvian Period of this planetary project has required the repeated reincarnation of a few million courageous souls accompanying a cosmic adept who is of the energies of the Holy Ghost and the Holy Spirit. A high soul who could understand the negative energies locked in duality, and know their cause, without being taken over by them. One who could explain it all, and give the synthesis solution that has the spiritual power to transform the whole satanic condition of this planet into a paradise world of absolute freedom, security and abundance for all people.

This entity was and is the one known in ancient times as Hermes Trismegistus, who incarnated as Allen Michael, making Michael’s Stand with the holy people of the world, and fulfilling the role of the Comforter; the one who has revealed all that is truth in the channelings of God’s prophesied Everlasting Gospel. The one who brings all things to our remembrance.

Now, the Universe is using all willing souls to come forth and courageously, righteously and peacefully bring a positive end to the old world, and beginning a fresh and sparkling new world. Sharing the world is easy, actually. And fun! •