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Galactic Messenger – Build 6.0

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The TIME for World Transformation is NOW!
Our purpose is communicating the channelings of The Everlasting Gospel to the world people through a series of books, articles, TV broadcasts, video and audio programs — all of which are delivered through the Galactic Messenger Network.

New Features!

With version 6.0 we have completely redeveloped our web center and online library to be clean, fast and extremely user friendly. Enjoy improved cross linking and rich media.

Find Anything Fast

Our Categorization System is more robust and streamlined – Find the News, Articles & Channelings you’re looking for faster, without having to constantly return to a single main menu.

Media Libraries, Gallery

Our Media Libraries and Image Gallery are up front and center – New Books, Video, Audio and Image sections are now easier than ever to find. Plus, there’s a galaxy of free downloads.

The Everlasting Gospel


Channeled Thru Allen Michael – Galactic Messenger Allen Michael is a direct channel of the Universal Mind since he experienced a cosmic initiation in 1947. The experience that transformed Allen Noonan, as he was then known, took place in Long Beach, California, where he was a pictorial sign painter.

From that point onward he remained in direct telepathic contact with the Universal Mind of ETI – Extra Territorial Intelligence – channeling the energies of the Spirit of Truth through the spoken and written word, as well as in deeds done that will bring this world up to and through our planetary cosmic initiation into the long awaited Kingdom of God.

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