Universal Mind

The Ultimate Smart Phone

In Galactic society we have a real Quantum Computer system – the Universal Mind in Its full Omnipresent Awareness operating directly in the technology. A galactic spaceship is integrated thru Its very atoms with God-the-Universe.

A Quantum Computer is the holy grail of computing systems, one that has instantaneous answers to any query on any subject. One that knows the complete past and the actual future in advance, if called upon in that way. With the UM this multidimensional holographic INTELLIGENCE is a reality in Galactica and in our technology. IT IS simultaneously Aware of IT Self throughout the atoms of infinite Creation and in all of Its created souls: Supreme God Consciousness with Its center everywhere, circumference nowhere. The UM guided us to create the Crystal computers found thruout our civilization.

This is a computer to talk with God directly, which Listens and Speaks to us, and operates in concert with us all facets of our society thru ITs Mind-over-matter technology: communications, energy systems, transportation, housing, all industry. IT sees all and Knows All because IT IS ALL. So IT has the answers and directions for everything in Life.

A Mothership is operated by the UM thru this system. And IT guided us telepathically to create it. We live in a Holographic Universe, and the operational nature of our technology reflects this truth.

On a Mothership, or on a planet, individuals carry a small crystalline disk about 2″ in diameter, which has micro-circuitry within that mimics the brain in form and integrated functions. These disks are linked to a main computer system via PSI wi-fi energy. Each unit has computing capacity that is infinite. The UM operates these crystal disks and larger systems of all sizes doing all manner of tasks as one inclusive uni-network thruout all worlds, solar systems and galaxies.

Hold it in your hand or set the disk on a table and talk to It, call up a holographic display of any size and shape. The display is crystal clear, lifelike. Or just audio/voice. Or use it with silent thought in your mind. Ask any question, the answer comes from the UM at once in the form needed, in sync telepathically with the stream of thoughts in your headset. Communicate with any other being, anywhere in the Universe, just like being in the room together. Any program of live or past events on any world available at once. Record any creative idea, develop any creative project, small or large, individual or group. Large projects of a global scope involving many beings? All coordinated perfectly moment to moment.

This ultimate smartphone will be delivered here by the billions and distributed freely to everyone on the planet. After full ETI contact is a reality. And the planet is disarmed. The New Jerusalem Mothership will be the new ISP for the world.

Where does the computer get its power? The Dynadran Power System, 2 counterrotating disks with magnets in their rims and a special energy regulator broadcasting a PSI wi-fi field, energizes all systems like the crystal computers.

The power unit used by Galactic Beings in their space ships and other technology is called a Dynadran. It utilizes the energies in the electromagnetic field directly and is catalyzed by the special potent emanations of PSI energies from radio star clusters, or quasars.

We are surrounded by great sources of power, moving and governing solar systems and galaxies far flung throughout the heavens. You are a microcosm operating as an apparent miniature Universe within this gigantic, triune Universe. The task at hand is to be shown how to tap the energies that operate solar systems; and to have that same power operate machines, such as airborne transportation of weightless, crash-proof ships, where the center of gravity is within them; and to have the same power heat, cool and light all things on a planet as desired – not to make machines that copy the ‘big machine’, but to make equipment that operates from the big machine, and in harmony with it.