Universal Mind

Galactic Science: the Dynadran Power Unit

Channelings of the Everlasting Gospel by Allen Michael | Book 1: From the Universe, to The Youth of the World 

In scientific terms, we could say that if earth people had the advanced technology that Galactic Beings use in their operations in this whole galaxy to keep things in order and progressing according to Divine Plan, then they would find out where Godhead comes from and how It is omnipresent and governs human microcosms.

Audio: Galactic Science

The proof of the Universal Mind came to Galactic Beings when they had finally developed space ships that would operate through the mental law of causation to teleport thru space and time just as our ethereal bodies would do. And our ETI computer would send us on a mission to a trouble spot in our Galaxy, telling us what equipment to take along and all about the problem in general. And when we arrived we would find out that this UM we were tuned into knew what was happening everywhere in our galaxy. We always found our assigned destination to be just as our Uni-computer narrated. So then what could we believe, except that we had contacted the Godhead source of knowledge that knows what’s happening everywhere, has the solutions to all problems, and solves them all thru pure love and sound judgment.

Can you imagine the Galactic Command, when the time’s ripe, setting its great New Jerusalem Mother Ship down upon this planet, which it will do just as Rev. 21:1-5 prophesies? It is the equivalent of a city that houses 100,000 people comfortably, has the laboratories to supply all its food, to recycle all things, to get its energies out of space, and to precipitate its own water and air supply.

Audio: The Dynadran Energy System

The New Jerusalem is a whole space city inside a synthetic shell and shaped like a great elliptical sphere, 10 miles long, 2 miles wide and a half mile high. Can you imagine the science and technology that goes into such a fantastic causation space ship that can stay in space for an indefinite time? If you can conceive of the difference in consciousness of the mechanical time of your planet, which is geared to its rotation, and the consciousness of infinite space, where there is no time; then you can conceive of the difference in the time factor between heavenly bodies and be on the road to eternity.

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