Allen Michael

Allen Michael, Galactic Messenger

Allen Michael’s Life

by Joseph Antaree

Hello dear friends!

Allen Michael left his body March 25th, 2010. It was 93 years old and in declining health for 7 years. We are a bit sad that our friend is gone, but ecstatic at the same time knowing he is fully Alive in cosmic spirit again.

We also know his departure is a signal that we are in the final countdown to full contact with Galactica, which is ALL of Creation Universe making spiritual and material contact with this earthbound civilization, bringing us out of negated life into Eternal Life once again.

You can read all about Allen Michael’s life and the commune he founded, experience the channelings of The Everlasting Gospel, listen to audio, watch videos and slide shows from our 42 year history right here on this Galactic Messenger website. It’s a living record of his and our life, which continues to prosper and grow. Enjoy your visit. Open your mind to the cosmic Love Energy of ETI – Extra Territorial Intelligence!

And what an incarnation!! Comprehend if you will the incredible spiritual energy and cosmic consciousness of a 12th density galactic being. Then, if you are the Universe, send him into a body of this world, a body he would “walk into” in April, 1947, fully awake, ready to be a channel, that is broadcast and radiate, of the Universal Mind. His cosmic initiation, when he was beamed up into a Galactic Mothership, is when he took on his mission of being the Comforter, and was opened up as Spirit God’s channel on earth, to be a true servant of all people.

Then use him as a channel of the Spirit of Truth, which is cosmic Christ Consciousness. Use him to speak the words and write the words and do the deeds that would not only reveal incredible truths about every aspect of this world, but actually pour Christ Spirit into the planet’s aura for 63 years to help, love and lift all souls here out of duality suffering and into nothing less than the eternal Kingdom of God; which is Normal Universe outside this solar system that is still in its ego-bound incubation stage. The whole, infinite Universe is a living civilization, and this world is soon to join it. The world is being redeemed, not destroyed. Spirit God guarantees it, and the ETI energy recorded in this planet’s aura insures it.

Allen Michael, as the channel of the Everlasting Gospel poured out God’s Spirit upon all flesh constantly, every day, to sow seeds and raise consciousness, exposing all forms of ignorance, especially social and economic; all the while giving a vision of a transformed world, a spiritual master plan for sharing the world, blessing everyone; which comes into being in a few short years now like a phoenix rising out of this world karmic cleansing. The old world gives way to the new, and the Everlasting Gospel has explained it all, brought all things to our remembrance, in the process awakening our own direct realization of truth within ourselves. While present here, Allen Michael was omnipresent with us in cosmic spirit and in us telepathically channeling the synthesis consciousess of the Universal Mind, beyond relative mortal mind.

Besides being the ETI channel of the Everlasting Gospel, the other crowning achievement of his life is in founding the One World Family Commune and being its highly creative spiritual leader for 43 years. A real commune of like-minded souls united in the same revolutionary purpose. Not a cult, with followers, true believers, disciples or groupies, in reality the One World Family Commune has been a cultural-spiritual miracle of the highest level. Simply put the OWFC is a pilot model demonstration of real sharing, holding all things common and making distribution according to need. •

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