Allen Michael

Allen Michael: 1st Physical ETI Contact

Message At Giant Rock

“It was 1954 at Giant Rock in the Southern California desert that I had my first physical contact with Extraterrestrial Space Beings. Several times before, I had gone there to make contacts. I would see the ionized clouds forming from the forcefield of the scout craft that would be hovering, but there was not an actual physical contact until the latter part of July, 1954, because I could not get into the energies that would complete the experience before then.

It was early one morning, as the sun was rising, and I was on my sundeck on top of my art studio in Long Beach, California. I looked up and a great round cloud was forming overhead. The telepathic Voice in my consciousness told me to follow the cloud to the desert and I would greet my space comrades.

I watched the cloud for about 15 minutes and it was moving towards the east, leaving a trail as it went. I put my sleeping bag in my station wagon and headed in the direction of the cloud. The cloud went before me and led me on the freeway to the Palm Springs turnoff. When I got there, I got out of the car to see the cloud trail, which I had been having glimpses of as I was driving. The sky was overcast with clouds, but I could see the distinct trail of this cloud stretching for miles.

The cloud had gone up towards Joshua Tree. So I got in the car and went on up into the high desert. The head of the cloud separated from its trail and formed a large oval cloud over Giant Rock. The sky up there was clear and it was sunny.

I went up the long dusty dirt road to the Big Rock and parked there. It was about 3 p.m. then. I had learned to listen to my headset as though it were a radio-TV audio-visual transceiver, and follow directions. There were four cars of other people up there in various places, camping out. The Voice said I would camp out overnight and my contact would come after dark.

I had brought food along, and I was enthralled by the experience I would have. I already knew that I was an extraterrestrial space being, incarnate in this body, and had come from the “Galactic Command Space Complex,” which was contacting me . . . and also that there were some 2 million entities incarnated with me, who had been redeemed from this planetary project and sent back here to make a stand with me (as Michael) when the Everlasting Gospel was completed.

The rest of the afternoon at Giant Rock I relaxed and waited for a sign in the sky of my contact. The big oval clouds kept forming about. Wherever the spaceship hovered, an ionized cloud would form around it from its forcefield. I would see a flash of light dart across the sky to another location, and a cloud would form there.

After the sun went down and the sky was pitch dark with stars shining brightly, I saw flashes of light move across the sky. About 9:30 p.m. I got on my mattress in the station wagon and fell asleep. In a dream, I was in the flying saucer, with those I had been with before I came here.

At 3 a.m. I was awakened by a whirlwind rocking the car. I could smell the ozone in the air. I got out of the car, and about 150 feet away was the cloud, dimly lighted inside. I walked towards it and the cloud moved to the north away from me.

The message in my headset was that in the morning I would drive on up west, further beyond Giant Rock on the desert road, and make contact there.


In the morning I drove about a mile further, out of sight of everyone. They didn’t want any witnesses, because this would just cause me lots of problems with the establishment. These contacts were not for my own pleasure. They were for the purpose of bringing about an equilibrium of clairvoyance in my etheric body, to make all-knowing more real to me.

At about 10 a.m. the round spaceship materialized about 6 feet off the ground 75 feet away. I had a camera, but I was to take no pictures. When the time came to be recognized by earth people, the space beings would give me many pictures.

An opening appeared in the ship and a platform shot out. Three beings floated out on it. From left to right, as I faced them, were Favelron, Celeste and Jameston. I was aware that I had been on voyages with them before.

They were all smiles and waving excitedly to me, and I was excited beyond words. The ship was about 75 feet across, with a large clearlite dome on it. I walked to within fifty feet of it and at that point could not go farther.

The telepathic message was that I could not enter their energies at that point, because an earth body, at that time, could not function in their vibrations. Together they threw me kisses and – flash, they were gone, and a streak of light flashed up and out of sight.

I learned later that the materialization of the entities there was not an actual physical coming, but was a projection from their mothership. The scoutcraft, however, was very real indeed. Anyway, it served the purpose of surrounding me with the energies that would connect me closer with them and would lift me more above the mundane earth vibrations so I would not suffer so much paranoia from the negated mind energies in territorial auras of the planet.”